6 Lesser-known Pete Dye Courses

Pete Dye’s magnificent creation at TPC Sawgrass, born of a swamp half an hour east of Jacksonville, Fla., first hosted the Tournament Players Championship 39 years ago. Since then competitors have adapted to its quirks and learned not to be too dismayed when their ball behaves unexpectedly. Though the event’s May date (2007–2018) certainly produced some great tournaments and winners, I for one welcomed the return to March in 2019 with the prospect of a little more wind pushing the interest needle ever closer to the red zone.

The memory of playing a Dye-designed course remains vivid for longer than playing most other architects’ courses. The size, shape, depth, and position of his bunkers; the shapes and contours of his greens; the mounding, the wooden bulkheads, and numerous other unique touches give you a sense of bemusement, stimulation, and excitement.

And you don’t have to play one of his high-profile courses with an inflated green fee to get a taste of that old Dye magic. Here are half a dozen Pete Dye designs you may not have heard of, but which will definitely keep you entertained.

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