The Other Boca, the One Without the Flash

The New York Times


“NO, not Boca Raton.” That’s a correction residents of the little community of Boca Grande, Fla., are used to making after saying they have a home there.
In fact, this quiet barrier island off the Gulf Coast is so little known — especially when compared with flashier Florida destinations — that sometimes, when residents call county offices with a request, office workers say the place doesn’t exist.
“It’s right out of the 1950s,” said Marjorie Webb, who has owned a house in Boca Grande, which covers most of Gasparilla Island, since 1997. “No high-rises, no fast food, no chain stores, no traffic lights.”
The house was originally her second home, but it is now her primary residence, trading places with her house in Greenwich, Conn.

Rich Taylor has specialized in the luxury real estate market of Boca Grande, Fla., since 1995 when he began building long-term relationships with his clientele based on integrity and dedication.